Connect with people who have a similar passion to you


  1. Go out and talk to people.
    This may be challenging for some. In this case, you can talk to your friends or neighbors first until you work your way up to chatting with strangers. Introduce yourself and explain why you wish to communicate with them.

  2. When you find someone who has the same passion as you, connect with them.
    Perhaps you’re a writer, and you met a novelist. Ask them if you can get in touch with them as you share the same passion. Try to persuade them by explaining the advantages of staying connected.

  3. Stay connected with like-minded people and conduct regular meetups.
    When meeting with them, you can show your creative works and provide helpful feedback to others.

  4. Learn from your regular meetings and apply the feedback to your work.
    Encourage one another to keep following your creative passions and help each other improve.


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