Integrate the upper and lower parts of your child's brain


  1. ** Help them understand the difference between the upper and lower parts of their brain. **
    Explain that the lower brain is responsible for basic functions, innate reactions and impulses, and strong emotions, while the upper brain is responsible for higher-order and analytical thinking.
  2. ** Connect and redirect.**
    When faced with a challenge, try to connect with your child and redirect their behavior by engaging their upper brain.
  3. ** Teach your children to pause before acting. **
    Encourage them to consider consequences, think about the feelings of others, and make ethical and moral judgments.
  4. ** Ask questions.**
    When your child feels upset or angry, ask your child questions to understand why they're feeling that way.
  5. ** Encourage negotiation.**
    Suggest that your child negotiates with you or another adult to come up with a solution.
  6. ** Set boundaries.**
    Make sure to set boundaries and explain why certain counteroffers are unacceptable.
  7. ** Discuss respect.**
    Teach your child how to be respectful and well-mannered at all times.


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