Conduct a thorough interview before writing about someone


  1. Decide who you want to interview and write about.
    Choose someone important, interesting, or unusual. People will then be more motivated to keep reading. For example, you could interview the oldest man in a village for a write-up about long lives,
  2. Do your homework on the person you are interviewing.
    For example, if you are interviewing a town official, know his or her voting record. If you are interviewing an actress, look up the movies she has starred in.
  3. Make a list of likely questions.
    This will save you the embarrassment of going dry mid-interview.
  4. Have your basic interview tools, preferably a pen and paper.
    Keep your notebook out of sight because it can make the person you are interviewing nervous.
  5. Use your instincts.
    Know when to make the other person relax, when to push, when to listen and when to stop.
  6. Be relaxed.
    Don't be afraid to interview anyone. Most people are seeking opportunities to talk about their work.
  7. Politely ask the person you are interviewing to pause if you find it hard to keep up with your notes.
    Continue with the interview after catching up.


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