Communicate with empathy and understanding


  1. Simplify your message
    Assume your audience knows absolutely nothing about your topic. Communicate your message in a simple manner, so no one struggles to understand you. 
  2. Clarify expectations and understanding
    Set the outcome for every meeting or conversation before you begin to confirm that you’re on the same page. At the end, give the other person a chance to confirm they’ve understood what you were trying to say. 
  3. Listen with empathy
    Focus on what the other person is saying without thinking about how you’re going to respond. Ask them questions that will help you understand the real issue. Confirm you’ve understood them, validate and acknowledge them before sharing your part. 
  4. Practice, practice, practice
    Remind yourself of your goal and practice. Aim to practice for at least 10 minutes every day and stick to your commitment. 
  5. Evaluate your communication skills with the 5Cs
    Is it concise? Is it courteous? Is it credible? Is it comprehensive? Is it coherent? 


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