Commit yourself to achieve your goals by getting rid of temptation.

Getting rid of as many temptations as possible may not change your mind about indulging in that temptation, but it will make it a lot harder for you to do so. With motivation, you will find it easier and easier to say no to temptation and stick to achieving your goal.

By picturing the future, whether in a letter or just in your imagination, you will be able to create that drive you need to actively work toward your goals.


  1. Get rid of as many temptations as possible.
    Put your alarm clock at the other side of your room so you will have to get out of bed to turn it off—and once you’re up, you might as well get ready for the day. Leave your credit cards at home when you go shopping so you won’t overspend.

  2. Motivate your future self.
    Take a bet with your friends on whether or not you will achieve your goal. Swear to donate money to charity if you do not achieve that goal by a certain amount of time. Whatever it is, find a way to make it clear to your future self that indulging in your temptation will not be as pleasant as you wish.

  3. Picture yourself in the future, having achieved your goal.
    Create a vision of the future in which you have achieved your goal. Or, imagine what you will be like once you have achieved that goal.

  4. Send a letter to your future self.
    Using, you can email your future self. Simply write a letter detailing your hopes and goals for your future self, and set a date for it to be sent to your email.


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