Commit to TRE and refine the specifics to suit you.


  1. From the initial 12-hour window, reduce by 1 hour per week until you hit your optimal schedule, which may be anywhere between 8-10 hours of eating.
    For example, 9 AM-9 PM may turn into 9 AM-8 PM, then 9 AM-7 PM, then 9 AM-6 PM, then 10 AM-6 PM.
  2. Track and observe further changes in your weight, sleep quality, energy levels, mood, and overall well-being.
  3. Be persistent and stick it out.
    The body usually adapts to TRE within 2-4 weeks, and hunger pangs and cravings will diminish as you continue.
  4. Keep the timing consistent once you have hit on the best TRE for you.
    This helps your body start to anticipate and prepare for the first bite of the day and know when it can wind down and switch off from digestive mode. 
  5. If you hit a plateau on certain goals like weight loss—don’t worry.
    Continue with TRE as a lifestyle choice, knowing that it is the healthiest way to schedule food intake. You may be surprised as changes can occur unpredictably even after weeks without discernible change.


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