Commit to making things right with your partner


  1. Listen to your partner.
    Before starting to name everything your partner does wrong, have a mature conversation where you are open to understanding your mistakes. This will help you find out what work you need to do.

  2. Decide to commit.
    Both partners need to be willing to get the work done. Give yourself the time you need to get through each change you have to make things work.

  3. Set some rules.
    After expressing all your insecurities, decide what needs to be done to make each other comfortable again. Set some boundaries and rules which can make you and your partner feel equally cherished and respected.

  4. Seek professional help.
    If you both find it hard to come to a common ground, seeing a therapist can help a lot. A therapist will always offer you an objective viewpoint and a perspective from which you can start your healing path – both together and individually.


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