Commit to making others happy

We have the time and resources to do little things to make others smile. These little things also have an impact on your life—they cheer you up, put you in the better state, and impact your internal representations of yourself.


  1. In a situation when you are in doubt about whether to give a larger or smaller tip—always give the larger amount.
    You will not feel the difference in your purse or quality of life, but it can make a difference to the person receiving it. It doesn’t cost much, but it will probably make you feel better about yourself.

  2. Every time you see someone collecting money for something, donate some money.
    You will not see the amount in your monthly bank statement, but you will know that you did something good. You can increase this action by always buying from Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts or people in need.

  3. When you have time, call a friend just to catch up.
    Ask how he/she is doing and communicate that you like/love/appreciate him/her.

  4. Send little thank-you notes to people who have done something for you.
    Or think about other little things that can bring joy to other’s lives.


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