Challenge your comfort zones in order to increase your confidence.

An increased sphere of comfort and getting what you want are directly correlated. Working on your comfort zone may lead to overcoming difficult challenges in your life and making decisions you would not make otherwise.

Some of the exercises here might seem to be irrelevant until you try them.


Plan to do each comfort challenge for two or three days. Imagine that this is just a game to overcome the challenge.

Comfort Challenge #1: Learn to eye-gaze using the following steps.

For the next week, practice gazing into the eyes of others until they break contact. It can be with people on the street, coworkers, and your friends.

  1. Focus on one eye and be sure to blink occasionally.
    … so you don’t look like a psychopath.

  2. In conversation, keep eye contact when you are speaking.
    It’s easy when you are listening.

  3. Practice with people bigger and more confident than you.

Comfort Challenge #2: Learn to propose solutions instead of asking for opinions.

  1. Every time someone asks for your opinion, propose something.
    For example, propose where to eat, what movie to watch, etc.

  2. Propose new things in personal and professional environments.
    Using the following lines will make it easier to you:
    “Can I make a suggestion?”
    “Let’s try ____ and then try something else if that doesn’t work.”

Comfort Challenge #3: Get phone numbers.

  1. Ask for phone numbers from at least two attractive people of the opposite sex each day.
    Make sure you maintain eye contact. Consider going to the mall to find people to ask.

Comfort Challenge #4: Say no to all requests.

  1. For the next two days, say no to all requests.
    Don’t be selective (unless you can be immediately fired).

Comfort Challenge #5: Use the criticism sandwich.

  1. Probably, some of your co-workers, your significant other, or another person does or has done something that irritates you. Fix it by using the criticism sandwich.
    This a technique in which first you praise the person for something, then you deliver the criticism, and at the end you again change the topic and praise that person one more time. If you need further explanation, look online for examples.

Comfort Challenge #6: Find a superstar mentor.

  1. For the next three days, call at least one potential superstar mentor.
    Send an email only after attempting a phone call. Try contacting ultra-successful entrepreneurs, famous actors, etc. This might be useful:

Comfort Challenge #7: Negotiate the price.

  1. Go to a local farmers market or other outdoor event where goods are sold.

  2. Find what you want to buy and set a budget that is 30% lower; for example, you are willing to pay $100 instead of $150.

  3. Negotiate until you get down to your goal, or walk away when you don’t get that price.
    Ask: “What type of discount can you offer?” to let them negotiate against themselves.

Comfort Challenge #8: Relax in public.

  1. For the next two days, lie down in the middle of a crowded public place.
    Just lie down for about ten seconds and then continue doing what you were doing. Don’t explain it. Do it solo for two days, and then you can do it with friends.


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