Come up with good ideas by strengthening your idea muscles


  1. Read or skim chapters from books on different topics
    Find time every day to read a few chapters from books on different topics. For example, you can skim through a biography, then read a book on genetic engineering, and then switch to a novel. Read diverse content that makes your brain sweat.

  2. Write down at least 10 ideas about anything you can think of
    Think about a wide range of ideas such as business ideas, relationship ideas, book ideas, sports ideas, etc, and 10 ideas or more. Get comfortable coming up with bad or crazy ideas. Focus on flexing your idea muscle regularly so it doesn’t atrophy.

  3. Ensure that the other parts of your life are in balance
    You can only come up with good ideas if your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is in good shape. Therefore, keep exercising, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and meditate.

  4. Activate other parts of your brain that you’ve never used before
    Challenge your brain by doing something you don’t normally do or have never done before. For example, you can take a watercolor, painting, or dance class. Your performance doesn’t matter. The important thing is to activate parts of your brain that have atrophied.

  5. Accept that some ideas won’t turn into the next big thing
    There’s no need to pressure yourself when coming up with ideas. Some, if not most, of your ideas won’t be viable. Do your best and let the best ideas rise to the top. If an idea doesn’t end up being a good one, just move on. This will spare you burnout and disappointment.


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