Choose your platform.

There are a lot of different platforms out there, and you can choose those that are the best for your business and your personality. Not everybody is meant for live videos, and not everyone is good at writing blog posts. Find out what best suits you, and choose your platform wisely.


  1. Choose the format that’s most comfortable for you.
    The best format is video—record yourself if you’re comfortable doing so. You can also go with writing text (e.g., a blog) or recording audio (e.g., a podcast).

  2. You need a blog; create one on WordPress or another platform.
    WordPress is more flexible and has more options, but other solutions, like, are much easier and have their own users that may read your content.

  3. Create a fun page on Facebook.
    It’s the biggest social network site with the highest ability to reach users. Note: During the time that this book was written, Facebook page content was much more visible. Nowadays, free content promotion through Facebook is almost impossible.

  4. Start using Twitter.
    It's a great opportunity to promote your business and your content. Because of the sharing functionality, your word can be spread by many people. Read this article to get more ideas: .

  5. If photography is your thing, consider using Flickr.
    It’s the biggest social network for photography enthusiasts, and it can also be great to use for business purposes.

  6. If video is your thing, consider using YouTube.
    YouTube has the second-biggest search engine in the world.


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