Bomb and simplify tasks to achieve your goals


  1. ** Write down your top three goals. **
    It doesn't matter whether they're your personal or professional goals, as long as they truly matter to you.
  2. ** Identify activities that can be bombed.**
    Think of activities as traffic lights: green lights are activities that push you forward and make it easier to hit your goal, while red lights are activities that stop you from making progress. Ask yourself: Which of the activities you do daily are not relevant and aren't really contributing to your top three goals? These activities are considered "red lights," and hence they should be bombed or entirely eliminated.
  3. ** Simplify activities that can't be bombed.**
    Look for ways to make activities more efficient and reduce the amount of time spent on them. For example, if grocery shopping is not much of a priority but you still need to do it, you may consider shopping for groceries online instead of going to physical stores.
  4. ** Feed your goal your most valuable resource: time.**
    Make sure to allocate enough time to do the activities that will help you achieve your goals. They should be your primary focus. If something irrelevant comes up, learn to say "no," to it and return to working on the more important activities on your list.


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