Choose the right people for emotional support by reflecting on past experiences with them


  1. Make a list of the people you go to for emotional support
    Write it down.

  2. Reflect on your experiences with each person - did they make you feel validated and understood?
    If the answer is no, put a cross beside their name.

  3. Did they guide you towards brainstorming practical solutions?
    Put a cross beside those who don’t help you distance yourself and think objectively. For example, comments such as “He’s such a jerk!” or “I can’t believe he did that!” aren’t constructive and only cause you to become more deeply immersed in your problem.

  4. Whenever you have a stressful experience, reflect on who helped and who didn’t
    You can add to or edit your list whenever necessary. Remember that people are often best suited to different problems - your brother might be better at helping with family drama while your partner might be better at career advice.


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