Choose the right foods for your blood type


  1. Find out your blood type.
    If you don’t know your blood type yet, you can go to the nearest clinic to find out.

  2. Blood type O or B: eat sufficient protein
    Type O and B should include protein in each meal throughout the day. It is best to eat protein with cultured foods.

  3. Blood type AB: consume animal protein.
    Lamb, mutton, rabbit, and turkey are the best protein sources for this blood type. However, avoid chicken, duck, and goose as they do not digest well and can cause bloating.

  4. Blood type B: avoid soy products.
    Soy milk and cheese are not recommended for people with blood type B, but if you eat unfermented soy products, ensure you get plenty of minerals and protein in the same meal.

  5. All blood types: consume more fruits and vegetables.
    All of the fruits and land and sea vegetables are good for every blood type. Tomatoes are especially recommended for type O and AB, algae for type A and non-starchy vegetables for type B.

  6. All blood types: introduce cultured vegetables as sides to meals.
    Cultured foods increase nutrient content and help people digest food more easily despite the blood type.

  7. All blood types: avoid yeast builders.
    The following foods are yeast builders: bread, fruits, chocolate, barley malt, butter, jams, jelly, peanuts, coffee, wine, and alcohol.


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