Choose the right career path for you.

When making a career change, it’s important to make an informed decision - this means you will need to be informed about what you personally want, as well as what that career entails. Then, you will be in a job you love and are passionate about.


  1. Use the internet to gain information on different career paths.
    You can use to look at which industries are in demand, and what tasks, tools, skills, and technology are involved. You can also use to find out how many jobs are projected to be available in each industry if you are in the USA.

  2. Use career tests.
    Career tests can be found easily online and can provide some guidance or insight into the career that would be best for you. It’s best to take several tests and use them as a rough guide to better understand what you feel would be best.

  3. Change only one of the two at a time: your job, or your field.
    Once you’ve identified the career you want, identify what job and what field it is in. When actually changing your career, change only one of the two first. For example, if you are an accountant (job) in the television industry (field) but want to be a news reporter in the medical industry, either become an accountant in the medical industry or a reporter in the television industry. After you’ve gained some experience, you can apply for your ideal job - at least you’ll have some relevant experience now!


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