Choose healthier options in the grocery store


  1. Read for dangerous ingredients on food labels.
    Get acquainted with the diverse corn derivative products harmful to your health. For example, high fructose corn syrup gets into foods like hot dogs, cereals, sodas, salad dressing, and many others. The shorter the list of ingredients in a can or package, the safer it is for you. 
  2. Choose natural foods over agribusiness GMOs.
    When in the supermarket, go for whole foods instead of processed ones. The produce and meat isles are in the periphery of the store.
  3. Beware of chemical additives.
    Colorants, preservatives, food enhancers, and other additives have been proven to hurt your health. Examine labels to rule these out of your basket too. For example, MSG is used as a food enhancer in soups, chips, crackers, and much more. Choose products with ingredients that you recognize.
  4. Go for natural sugars. 
    Natural sugars are healthier for you. Try honey, maple syrup, cane sugar, and agave instead of high fructose corn syrup.
  5. Take time to prepare and eat meals.
    Cook your food instead of buying convenience ones at supermarkets and fast-food chains. Learn to cook them with simple, wholesome ingredients.
  6. Eat at a table.
    19% of food is eaten in the car. Fast food is designed to deliver fast meals and be eaten fast as well. Step out of that trend. Eating at a table with your family and friends at a slower pace brings nourishment beyond the body. Enjoy leisurely affairs like talking, sharing stories, laughter, and the pleasure of company. 


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