Choose a transformative mentor


  1. Choose a mentor based on your needs and personality
    Study your prospective mentor’s character and compare it with your own. Ask yourself, “Is this person aligned with my personal inclinations and life path?” If you want a career path that revolutionizes the industry, select a mentor who is aggressive and has a revolutionary mindset. If you have a mind that thinks up crazy ideas, find a mentor who will make you feel comfortable expressing your peculiarities in your work rather than someone who will judge you.
  2. Find a mentor who challenges you and openly points out your weaknesses
    If you’re trying to master any skill, find a mentor who is open and honest enough to point out your weaknesses and challenge your reality. It could be someone who offers constructive criticism and isn’t afraid to push your boundaries so that you can develop self-discipline. Choose a mentor who offers enough tough love because you need realistic feedback to know which areas of your life to work on.
  3. Take your mentor’s ideas and transform them into your own
    Once you learn the basics, start adding elements of your own style. Alter your mentor’s ideas to suit your personality, especially if you see weaknesses in their style.
  4. Create an interactive and dynamic relationship with your mentor
    If you’re still a novice in your profession, pay attention to everything your mentor teaches you. Work hard to increase your skill level and gain their respect. Once you’ve mastered everything that they’ve taught you, be confident enough to propose your ideas to your mentor. 
  5. If you can’t find a mentor, turn your books into living mentors
    If your circumstances prevent you from physically interacting with a mentor, use books to bring your mentors to life. For example, when reading a book written by your mentor, visualize them standing beside you giving you advice. Take copious notes, write in the margins of the book, and then analyze your writings to make them come alive. Your goal here is to tap into the spirit and not just the letter of their writings.


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