Choose a career path that you enjoy by following these five suggestions.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in life, and therefore one of the toughest. These five suggestions will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and how you can best apply your skills to do something you enjoy.


  1. Find a good vocational counselor.
    Vocational counselors have the experience and knowledge you need to help guide you in finding the right career. Look for one that doesn’t use tests or magical systems, and instead, explains his thought process to you so that you understand the logic behind the recommendations made.

  2. Opt for a career without a saturated market.
    Some examples of saturated markets are law and journalism - it will be extremely difficult to find a job in these industries and will likely lead to stress and worry down the line.

  3. Avoid jobs where the chances of you making a living are low.
    Insurance agents, for example, have an extremely low success rate - about 90% of them get demotivated and give up within a year.

  4. Do plenty of research before choosing a career path.
    Speak to people in the career(s) you are interested in and understand the good and bad parts of it. This will also help you understand how to succeed in your chosen path.

  5. Get over the belief that you can only succeed at one occupation.
    You have a range of skills and talents, and they can definitely be applied to a number of jobs across various industries! Don’t box yourself in, the sky’s the limit.


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