Chew gum or high fiber food every day to enhance your jaw and open your airways.

The bones in the human face can expand and remodel into our seventies and likely beyond. So, we can influence the size and shape of our mouths and improve our ability to breathe at virtually any age.

Chewing by engaging the masseter (the chewing muscle) is the way we produce and signal stem cells to build more maxilla bone in the face. The more you chew, the more stem cells release, and the more bone density and growth you will trigger. Hard chewing will eventually help to open airways. You will look younger and breathe better.


  1. Do your research and find hard chewing gum or some mastic gum.
    There are a few tough chewing gums on the market. Mastic gum, which comes from the resin of the evergreen shrub Pistacia lentiscus, has been cultivated in the Greek islands for thousands of years. Several brands are available through online retailers.

  2. Start chewing as often as you can.
    Aim for at least an hour a day. The more the better!

  3. If your mouth requires more intense treatment seek advice regarding a device for expanding the mouth.
    Contact a dental professional who specializes in functional orthodontics. You may benefit from a Preventive Oral Device (POD) or a palatal expansion device that expands the mouth and opens the airways to make breathing easier.


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