Develop empowering behaviors.


  1. Associate undesired behaviors with pain.
    Think about the negative consequences of the behavior on your life.
  2. Associate the desired behavior with pleasure.
    Ask pleasure-inducing questions such as “How will this behavior benefit me?”
  3. Develop a response to breaking your patterns.
    For example, if you’re trying to stop eating junk food, decide to jump up and down whenever you’re about to do so.
  4. Create a pleasurable alternative.
    Create an alternative behavior that you also find pleasurable, so you don’t fall back into the old behavior that used to give you pleasure.
  5. Condition your new behavior with imagination.
    Vividly imagine yourself performing the new behavior and feeling pleasure while doing so.
  6. Reinforce the new behavior.
    Congratulate yourself immediately after performing the desired behavior. Occasionally, give yourself big rewards (such as buying something new after going to the gym weekly for two months).
  7. Test your new pattern.
    Imagine a situation that would trigger you to perform the old behavior and assess if you still desire it. If so, return to the first step until you finally get rid of that old behavior.


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