Change your perception of what counts as exercise


  1. Engage in any kind of body movement.
    Start with a realistic duration for your current life, e.g., 7-10 minutes of movement. Do this for one week and notice how your body feels. Then evaluate to see whether you can ramp it up, maintain it, or reduce the duration. Every step or motion accumulates to give you the same benefits as a long bout of exercise.

  2. Get up and walk around whenever you receive a phone call.
    When someone calls you on your cellphone, use that as an opportunity to walk around. As you talk, you can walk around the room, water some plants, or take a walk around the block.

  3. Dance to your favorite song whenever you need a break.
    When you feel like taking a break or stretching during the day, pick a song you like, put on your earphones and start dancing. This will help you generate energy, loosen up and elevate your mood.

  4. Go on a walking meeting or coffee walk.
    If possible, take a walk with the other person you’re having a meeting with. Walking and working outside the office environment can boost creativity and generate fresh ideas. You can also meet a friend at a café, grab a coffee to go, and enjoy your time outdoors as you do some window shopping.

  5. Ask others to join you in short bouts of activity.
    Ask your children, partner, friends, or colleagues to join you as you engage in short sessions of activity. Explain to them why even short bouts are worth the effort. This way, you can create a movement culture at home and in the office.


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