Change your mindset to reverse your aging process


  1. Think of yourself as being young and then act like it
    If you’re at an age where society considers you old, start thinking of yourself as a youthful person. Visualize yourself looking and feeling young to create a positive goal image for your subconscious mind to accomplish. Banish all fear of old age and keep engaging in the physical activities that you enjoyed in your younger years. If you loved golf, keep doing that. Take time to learn new skills. Physical and mental activity will revitalize your mind and body.

  2. Have something to look forward to every day
    Retiring from a job doesn’t mean you’ve retired from life. Wake up every morning with goals that are meaningful to you. Engage in creative tasks that you enjoy, whether it’s writing, painting, inventing, drawing, or simply volunteering for a good cause. By looking forward to the future with joy and anticipation, you’re telling your body to generate more life force to meet your needs.


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