Change your mind with positive self-talk


  1. Monitor your self-talk.
    Become self-aware of how you speak to yourself. Record the self-talk that is happening within you so you understand the story you are telling yourself.
  2. Edit the negative self-talk.
    Reframe any negative self-talk by choosing a different script. For example, turning the phrase, “I can’t possibly do this.” into “I can do this, and I know I can.”
  3. Practice being your own coach.
    As your own coach, you will be conversing with yourself, observing the negative thinking, and understanding where it comes from. Then you will coach yourself to reframe your thinking. For example: “Okay, the game hasn’t gone well, but that’s okay." What you’re thinking doesn’t have anything to do with this game but with your previous experience, which was a long time ago. You’ve overcome it, so let’s show them what you can do. You are a winner!”
  4. Listen to self-talk every day.
    To bring about change in specific areas of your life, harness the power of self-talk by listening to specially recorded affirmations. Just like learning a new language, regularly listening to these affirmations will reprogram your mind and lead to the desired change.


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