Change your feelings by collapsing your anchors

You can get rid of your negative feelings quickly and easily.


  1. Imagine yourself during the most powerful, positive experience you’ve ever had. Put that experience and its feelings in your right hand.
    Think of that state, imagining that you have it in your right hand. Try to feel the weight or texture of the experience.

  2. Think of a time you felt loved and secure. Add it to your right hand.
    Next, think of other positive states: being proud or laughing until you can’t catch your breath. Add each positive state to your right hand.

  3. Imagine the color, shape, texture, and even sound of all the positive feelings that have accumulated in your hand.
    Enjoy a moment of having these positive feelings, and then close your right hand, keeping the feelings inside.

  4. Open your left hand and place all your negative feelings such as frustration, depression, or anger in it.
    You can put everything that bothers or worries you or that you are afraid of in your left hand.

  5. Imagine the color, shape, texture, and even sound of all the negative feelings that have accumulated in your left hand.
    Try to dissociate from everything that you have in your left hand.

  6. Collapse the anchors by taking the color in your positive right hand and imagining that it is liquid. Very quickly, put it on your left hand. Add some humorous noises or something that is funny to you.
    Keep repeating this process until the negative anchor changes to the color of the positive experience in your right hand. Repeat this with shape, texture, and sound, and then take the feelings from your right hand and pour them into your left hand.

  7. Clap your hands, and keep them together for a moment until they feel balanced.
    The color in your right and left hand should be the same, and the feelings should be similar. If you don’t feel the difference, try this again with different submodalities. Don’t limit your creativity.


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