Change your behavior using the swish pattern

This process can be used to get rid of the most persistent problems and bad habits. Once two representations are effectively connected, when something undesirable is triggered, the good behavior will automatically appear instead.


  1. Close your eyes and make a big, bright picture of behavior you would like to change.

  2. In the bottom right-hand corner of that picture, imagine a small dark picture of what you desire.

  3. Take the small picture and very quickly (<1 second) increase its size and brightness until it covers the behavior you want to eliminate.
    While doing this, say the word “wooosh” with excitement and enthusiasm. This will send powerful and positive signals to your brain.

  4. Open your eyes and feel your new state.
    Repeat this process very fast 5-6 times with a lot of enthusiasm. Send your brain the signal that through the repetition of the word “wooosh” everything that is negative disappears.


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