Celebrate when you need to feel a surge of positive emotions


  1. When you are feeling down or defeated, go to the messiest room in your house (or the worst corner of your office)

  2. Allow yourself to ­cry, wallow, or rant for a certain amount of time, then say, “Okay, let’s get on with it”

  3. Set a timer for three minutes and start tidying up
    If you feel you need more time, set it for five minutes.

  4. After you tidy each item, celebrate
    After every piece of paper you bin, every dish towel you fold, every toy you put away, celebrate! Say, “Wow. That looks better.” Do a fist bump, give yourself a thumbs up, hum a song, etc.

  5. Keep tidying and celebrating each tiny success even if you don’t feel it authentically
    Experiment. Give it a go! Celebration might not feel natural to you, that’s okay, but practicing this skill will help you to get comfortable.

  6. When the timer goes off, stop and tune into what you are feeling
    Is your mood lighter? Are you feeling more optimistic about your day and the tasks ahead?


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