Catch up with accumulated work each week


  1. Map out your week on Sunday.
    List out the main things you plan to do from Monday to Friday. This will help you stay disciplined throughout the week.

  2. Actively block out task time.
    Add slots for difficult activities. For example, you could add slots to write a new proposal, craft a presentation or review and approve marketing materials. Failing to block out time for tasks could cause you to get interrupted.

  3. Follow a realistic to-do list.
    Assign a realistic timeframe for each task. This will force you to prioritize and stay focused.

  4. Default to 30-minute meetings.
    Longer meetings are a time stealer.

  5. Focus on one task at a time.
    You become more productive when you focus on one task at a time.

  6. Track your time.
    This will guide you towards spending your time only on productive things.

  7. Take care of yourself.
    Eat well, sleep well and exercise daily, even if it's just for 15 minutes.

  8. Protect your family time.
    Resist the urge to be passive while spending time with your family - don’t think about work when you are with them.


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