Be a risk-taker


  1. ** Identify areas of life where you are avoiding risks.**
    Think about social, financial, or physical risks that you are avoiding because of fear. Write them down.
  2. ** Analyze the risks.**
    Consider the pros and cons of taking those risks. Write them down.
  3. ** Identify the steps to reduce your fear of taking risks.**
    What steps would you need to take to reduce your fear of taking the risks you listed above? Why do you need to take these steps? Write your answers down so you'll be reminded of what to do every time you're scared of taking those risks.
  4. ** Plan for potential setbacks and obstacles.**
    Anticipate potential setbacks or obstacles and plan ahead on how to overcome them. Write your plan down.
  5. ** Take action!**
    You'll never reach your goals unless you stay out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to take risks.


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