Calculate your monthly income, expenses, and life energy hours


  1. Establish spending categories and subcategories for the money you tracked in the last 30 days.
    These categories and subcategories should be unique to your circumstances. Be sure to separate work expenses from personal expenses.
  2. Create a table to categorize your monthly income and expenditures.
    Using a pen and paper to create your table is highly recommended, but you may also use a spreadsheet or an app that fits your needs.
  3. Log your income and expenses under the appropriate category.
    Start acting on your list. Don’t make excuses.
  4. Calculate the total money spent from each subcategory.
    The sum of these expenses is your total monthly expenses.
  5. Add total income and subtract total expenses.
    Be sure to include cash on hand and to balance your bank accounts. Add your total income to the cash you had on hand at the beginning of the month, then subtract your total expenses.
  6. Convert the dollars you spent into life energy hours using your real hourly wage.
    To do this, divide the dollars you spent on an item by your real hourly wage. The result is the life energy hours. From here, you can decide whether the purchase was worth the life energy you spent.


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