Build your presence on Twitter


  1. Be present on Twitter.
    A single tweet has a short shelf life, so to create momentum you have to keep active. Tweet regularly, be authentic, and use a face picture.

  2. Build your Twitter presence in your local community.
    Use keyword location-specific search, Twitter Grader, and Twellow Pages to build your presence in your local community.

  3. When you have something to say, tweet it.
    Similarly, when you see something of interest, reply to it.

  4. Write three to five tips a day that are retweetable.
    Write them in less than 120 characters. Twitter allows up to 140 characters, but if someone wants to retweet it to show their followers, extra characters will be used.

  5. Give your opinion.
    Talk about your interests.

  6. Post quality content.
    Write three great posts in a month instead of 10 mediocre ones. Although frequency helps, consistent quality content is more important.


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