Build your Ideal Customer Profile


  1. Open a blank document on your computer.
    Label it “Ideal Customer Profile.”

  2. Define the criteria of your ideal customer by filling out 3-5 categories below. Put your answers on the document.
    Remember to choose only the criteria that fit your business. 
     - The number of their employees:
     - Their industry: 
     - Their sales model: 
     - Their monthly spending:
     - Their financial status:
     - Their values and people:
     - Their current system:

  3. Type out the greatest challenges and frustrations of your ideal customers.

  4. Type out the red flags/deal-breakers that your client is not a good fit for your business.
    An example of this is budget constraints, recent investments, history, location, etc.

  5. Save the file on your computer.

  6. Discuss the customer profile with your team.
    This will help them further understand your business and target customers.


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