Build your funnel using these 7 phases

In order to sell a lot, or improve the sales of any online or offline products, look carefully at the whole experience of the buyer. From the very beginning, when they first saw your ad, to the very end, when they buy over and over again. Each single step matters. This process has so many phases because every single one must be well designed to have a superior user experience.


  1. Phase #1: Determine traffic temperature.
    There are 3 types of traffic; cold, warm, and hot. Cold traffic does not know about you yet. They are not aware of the solution you have. Warm traffic are people who have heard of you from someone else. They are aware of you, but they don’t yet know you personally. Hot traffic are people who know you already. The communication and landing page for each type of traffic should be different. And it’s worth it to put additional work in to make it right.

  2. Phase #2: Set up the pre-frame bridge
    Before you try to sell your product, you want to make a proper connection with your visitors. Depending on the temperature of the traffic, the bridge will be different. The bridge is based on the pre-framing, which is explained in the previous chapter. There is many ways to do this. It can be via a Youtube video, a blog post, a survey, or even a quiz. The goal of the bridge is to explain the problem that your visitors might have. To make them realize that the problem needs to be solved, and you have the solution for it.

  3. Phase #3: Qualify subscribers
    In this step, you ask people for their email address. Those who are not willing to give you their contact information in exchange for more information about you will not pay you anyway. If you can get 30% of the email addresses of 1,000 people, then you have 300 people on your mailing list - hot traffic.

  4. Phase #4: Qualify buyers
    A person who buys from you once will keep buying from you as long as you offer them more value. Asking your visitors to buy from you in this early stage will allow you to segment those who are just subscribers and those who are buyers. You can talk to buyers in a completely different way. For example, you can call them in order to sell them more expensive products. To qualify buyers, offer something free + shipping. It should cost around 5-7 dollars. It should be a no-brainer for them.

  5. Phase #5: Identify hyperactive buyers
    There are some buyers, that are in some special pain right now, and are willing to buy from you more at once. So, you want to have an offer prepared for them, and sell it to them right away. Usually, such hyperactive buyers act in the moment, and they will not be likely to buy again in the near future.

  6. Phase #6: Age and ascend the relationship
    The first 5 phases happen within 10-15 minutes. Phase 6 happens later. You want to give some time to your subscribers/customers to dive into your product and discover the value of it. And then, send them to another invisible funnel or something like that.

  7. Phase #7: Change the selling environment
    People are not very likely to buy high-value products in the same way as they buy your cheap products. However, if you change the environment, you have the possibility to accomplish this. So, instead of selling your $8,000 seminar via email, you should try to do this via the phone, or maybe via offline events.


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