Build your brand, not the business.


  1. Understand the importance of building your brand.
    Businesses are just surviving, but brands are thriving. When customers like your brand, they are willing to buy any products from you regardless of price and quality. That’s why building your brand should be your main focus.

  2. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
    What makes your company different from the rest?

  3. Develop your USP.
    Uncover the benefits of your product and how unique your product is. Then, give the evidence supporting it. Make sure to keep your USP short, clear, and concise. It must also be strong enough to make people buy from you. Once you’ve developed your USP, integrate it into all your marketing materials.

  4. Get noisy.
    Instead of trying to please everyone, aim to be loved only by your target audience. See what kind of advertisements usually work in your industry and apply them to your campaign. Make your ads emotionally appealing, interactive, and unconventional. This is how you can create an attention-grabbing noise.

  5. Translate features into benefits.
    First, imagine in detail that you are the customer. Then, list all your product’s features from a customer’s perspective and then the advantages each feature provides. Finally, translate these advantages into benefits or specific results.

  6. Use pricing as a branding weapon.
    In most cases, prices reflect value. That’s why when we see a higher price, we think that the product must be better. Higher prices make your product perceived as better and more valuable.


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