Build the brand, not the business.

Businesses are surviving, brands are thriving. We feel a strong connection to brands that we like. We are willing to buy products that are more expensive and even worse quality from companies that we like more. Building the brand should be your focus.


  1. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
    What makes your company different from the rest?
  2. Develop your USP.
    1. Uncover the benefits.
    2. Be unique.
    3. Be specific and give evidence.
    4. Keep it short, clear, and concise.
    5. Integrate your USP with all marketing materials.
    6. Make it real.
      Your USP must be strong enough to make people buy from you.
  3. Get Noisy.
    1. Polarize.
      Although this might be counterintuitive, in many types of businesses it’s a very good strategy. Don’t try to satisfy everyone. Polarize instead, in order to be loved by some groups of people.
    2. Be risqué.
      A lot of marketers use sex in their advertisement because it sells. It might be controversial, but it sells.
    3. Arouse emotions.
      People buy stuff because they want to feel something.
    4. Be interactive.
      People don’t want to just listen or read. They want to do things.
    5. Be unconventional.
      If you want to get the attention of people, do things differently.
  4. Translate features into benefits.
    There is a four-step process to do so:
    1. Switch places.
      Imagine with detail that you are the customer.
    2. Identify features.
      After switching places, list all features that your product has (from their perspective).
    3. Identify advantages.
      Find out what advantages these features provide to your customers.
    4. Translate advantages into benefits or specific results.
  5. Use pricing as a branding weapon.
    In most cases, prices reflect value. That’s why when we see a higher price, we think that the product must be better. By having higher prices, your product is perceived as better and more valuable.


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