Build social currency around your product or idea


  1. Make sure your product or idea is worth mentioning.
    Think about what makes your product or idea interesting, surprising, or novel. Can your product do something no one would’ve thought possible? Are the consequences of your idea more extreme than people could’ve ever imagined? What makes it stand out? Emphasize this remarkability, and you’ll get people talking.

  2. Make a game out of it.
    Games encourage social comparison by providing bragging rights for people to boast about their achievements while unwittingly telling others about a product or service. Most people don’t redeem their airline miles, for example, but they obsessively accrue them because racking up miles is a fun game to play. It also makes the airlines a ton of money in return. So if you want people to get excited about your product, incorporate games to promote it. Punch cards, where they get a free product after several purchases, are a good one to do. It gets them coming back for more while telling others about it.

  3. Use scarcity and exclusivity to make people feel like insiders.
    Create membership packages. This makes people feel like they’re part of something special. You can also make certain products available only during certain periods or do limited-time sales campaigns. If people get access to something not everyone else has, it makes them feel special, unique, and of high status. Because of that, they’ll not only like your product more; they’ll tell others about it too!


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