Build muscle mass


  1. Perform the exercises version 1:
     - Push-ups with open arms;
     - Paddle with one side and two supports;
     - Swings a kettlebell with both arms;
     - Squatting with dumbbells, clench buttocks for one second at the bottom of the squat before rising;
     - Take a dumbbell step forward;
    Make 20 to 25 swings with the kettlebell. Perform ten sets of thirteen repetitions for other exercises with as much weight as possible.
  2. Perform the exercises version 2:
     - 15 to 25 repetitions of hip extension on a ball on a bench;
     - 10 to 12 repetitions on each side of a bilateral paddle with weights on a stand;
     - 6 to 12 repetitions each leg, one-sided hip raise with abdominals underneath the ball;
     - Ten repetitions of the horizontal bar (descent alone, 4 seconds) or until you are unable to control the descent;
     - Bridge (front and side with elbow support), 30 seconds front, 30 seconds each side, up to 90 seconds;
  3. Follow the Ocams’s protocol
    Workout A: The Machine Alternative:
     - Supinated close grip (palms facing down) 7 repetitions of pull-down (5/5)
     - Seven repetitions of machine shoulder press
    Workout B: The Machine Alternative:
     - Bench press with a little incline/decline x 7 (5/5 count)
     - Leg press x 10 (5 reps) (optional: Kettelbell ot T-bar swings)
     - 3 minutes stationary bike at 85+ rpm ( to minimize subsequent leg soreness)


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