Build good relationships one step at a time


  1. Start with one interaction at a time.
    For example, you could start your relationship with a new colleague with light conversations before moving to humor, friendly gossip, offering support, problem-solving and finally deeply connecting with him.
  2. Share a little more information about yourself.
    Let your new friends know about your hobbies, your dislikes, and your career plans. This will help them interact and relate with you better.
  3. Ask open-ended questions in ways that interest the other person.
    For example, you could ask, “When do you like to start your workday?”. Such questions can prompt the other party to share deeper information about themselves.
  4. Consciously talk about ideas initiated by the other party even if you don’t find them interesting.
    For example, take part in discussions about literature even if you are more interested in science. This will also encourage the other party to take part in conversations about your interests.
  5. Use a little humor.
    It lightens the mood and helps the other person feel comfortable in your presence.


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