Build and maintain relationships that can make you a better version of yourself


  1. Build relationships gradually.
    Relationships and friendships do not begin overnight, so invest in them.

  2. Invite others periodically.
    For example, you could invite your friends for weekend family breakfast, swap nights, dinner, and after church lunch.

  3. Resist the urge to apologize about your home.
    Sentences like “sorry my house is messy” or “sorry it’s so dark” are indications that you are not contented with your home.

  4. Let others know about your everyday life.
    Tell them the good or bad things that happen to you, even if they are not a big deal. This will help you connect with them better.

  5. Share jokes or other silly things that are not really important.
    Sharing jokes, laughing together, and talking about other things like Kate Middleton’s sense of fashion is a way to have a good time with friends.

  6. Ask for help.
    We all need support from our friends, so feel free to ask for help in both big and small crises.

  7. Express your feelings as they are.
    Do not claim that everything is always fine. Let your friends know when you are disappointed, frustrated, angry, or happy.

  8. Let go when you can’t connect with others.
    You can’t be friends with everyone.


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