Build a fanbase for your brand


  1. Build your mailing list so you can reach your fans directly, without any middlemen.
    There are various strategies you can use to build this list:
    - Give something away for free as an incentive
    - Create a gate where you give something away for each “like” or “subscribe”

    • Use a pop-up window to ask if people want to subscribe to your mailing list
    • Share a physical signup sheet for people to subscribe
    • Run sweepstakes or contests
    • Do a swap with someone who has a mailing list - you recommend their product & they will recommend yours
    • Promise a service worth subscribing for
  2. Expand this mailing list by growing your reach.
    There are various strategies you can use to grow your reach:

    • Add a link to subscribe after your email signature
    • Send a message to your social media followers
    • Post online once a week asking your friends and family to subscribe
    • Ask a group or community you are active in to join your newsletter
    • Print out a physical newsletter to share at events
  3. Nurture your network - don’t dismiss anyone.
    You never know when someone can be of help. Focus on establishing relationships that will benefit both of you someday.

  4. Target people who should be (and likely will be) famous.
    Focus your attention on building close relationships with these people.


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