Bring your target’s warm feelings from their childhood to the surface through a regression.

Deepen your seduction by letting your target relive the best memories from their past with you.


  1. Learn more about your target’s childhood.
    What was their true relationship with their parents? What are their happiest memories? What do they feel the most strongly about? Listen to them attentively without interrupting.

  2. Try to identify the reasons behind your target’s emotional responses about their childhood.
    Find out if they have unresolved issues from their childhood and what they mean. Try to discover if there is something your target never got from their childhood. Are there any disappointments? Were they lacking anything important? Do they have any painful memories?

  3. Relive a parent-child dynamic together with your target.
    Let your target relive the best parts of their childhood with you by acting as a parent figure. If your target is missing something from their childhood, finish what was unfinished with them. Reversely, you can let them be the parent figure to you by seducing them with your child-like innocence and dependence.


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