Bring peace to relationships by responding instead of reacting.

You will no longer feel threatened if someone has more or knows more than you (‘I’), and you will not feel the ego want to try to restore itself by diminishing the other person’s possessions or abilities. You will form authentic relationships, where there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person and no wanting whatsoever.


  1. Take some time during the day to affirm that you want peace.
    Understand deeply that you and everyone else want peace.

  2. Recognize triggers that cause you to react, defend, justify, attack, and blame.
    It may be a thought or situation, e.g., someone not acknowledging you or questioning your way of doing things.

  3. Feel the surge moving through you—fear, anger, the need to be right.
    Become aware. Here is a situation, and here is the anger I feel about it.

  4. Become present and at peace. Be the true you.
    Realize that there are other, more peaceful ways of approaching the situation or person.


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