Bring awareness to negative thought-emotion cycles.

Reducing negative thought-emotion patterns results in greater awareness and more present existence, eventually freeing you from the past. It enhances the immune system, digestion, and heart function; balances hormones; and promotes the harmonious flow of energy.


  1. Notice when you are thinking sad, anxious, or angry stories about life.
    You are, perhaps, blaming, accusing, or complaining and generating stories from these thoughts.

  2. Notice that negative thoughts generate emotions which generate more thoughts.
    The mind and body get caught in a vicious circle of negative thoughts and emotions.  Spiritual practices involving the physical body, such as tai chi and yoga, may help.

  3. Return your attention to the present, rather than dwelling on past situations.
    Your very presence then becomes your identity.

  4. Return to the present each time a negative thought-emotion cycle starts.


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