Break unwanted patterns

Behavior patterns are not carved into your brain. If you don’t like what you do, you have to recognize the pattern and change it.


  1. Think of five patterns that you would like to break.
    These patterns can be states of depression or passiveness, addiction (for example smoking), or negative thoughts about someone.

  2. Think about positive ways to interrupt these patterns.
    If you are depressed, think about or remind yourself of a pleasant situation, watch a comedy, or spend time with a good (and funny) friend in a place that you enjoy. You will find that you can laugh. If you can smile in these situations, you can be in a good mood when you want to. It is up to you.
    Instead of reaching for a cigarette, give your child a kiss or make small talk with a non-smoker. Find a way to break the pattern.

  3. Set up a plan to break the pattern in advance.
    When you feel that a negative state is close, try to interrupt it before it arrives.


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