Break the ice.

Charismatic people have no problem with starting new conversations and controlling the flow. If you want to be perceived as warm, be more interested in the other person than in what you want to say.


  1. Very good conversation starters are open-ended questions that show interest in the person.
    For example, you can compliment something they are wearing and ask, “What’s the story behind it?” Other examples are, “Where are you from?” or, “What brought you here tonight?”

  2. Always use open-ended questions.
    Focus them on positive aspects.

  3. If the conversation comes back to you, bounce it back to the other person.
    Simply answer the question, and then ask a follow-up question back.

  4. Try to talk about the other person.
    For example, you can often use, “You know…” before your statement to grab their attention.


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