Practice BRAVING


  1. Establish healthy boundaries.
    Learn to set boundaries that protect your time, energy, and resources. Respect your limits and communicate them clearly to others. Don't prioritize people-pleasing over your own well-being.
  2. Practice reliability.
    Say what you mean and follow through on your commitments. Avoid over-promising just to gain approval or prove yourself. Be honest and dependable.
  3. Take accountability for your actions.
    Recognize when you make mistakes and take responsibility for them. Apologize sincerely and make amends where possible. Don't blame others or make excuses for your behavior.
  4. Respect privacy.
    Understand what is and isn't yours to share. Don't use gossip, forming alliances against someone, or oversharing as a way to build relationships.
  5. Stay true to your values.
    Follow your beliefs and values, even when it's difficult or unpopular. Don't compromise your integrity for the sake of fitting in or pleasing others.
  6. Practice non-judgment.
    Be open-minded and non-judgmental towards others. Don't impose your beliefs or expectations on them. Be generous in your assumptions about their intentions.
  7. Be kind and generous.
    Give and receive help freely and with kindness. Be generous in your assumptions about others, and be willing to lend a hand when needed. Set boundaries that allow you to be kind and compassionate towards others without sacrificing your own well-being.


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