Become the master of your emotions.

We become masters of our own lives and fates by taking control of our emotions and actions. Our actions should dominate our emotions—not vice versa. If we consciously decide to focus on actions rather than emotions in our professional lives, we will make sound decisions that will lead us towards success. Our emotions might inspire us to make unwise professional decisions; therefore, our mastery of them is of the utmost importance. Moreover, we can learn to be more understanding towards others who are not in control of their emotions, because they might not have acquired this skill yet.


  1. Accept that you, as a part of nature, will also experience different cycles.
    Seasons change, and so do people’s moods. You must accept this change and make the best of it.

  2. Aspire for more each and every day.
    What made you satisfied in your professional environment in the past should no longer be enough in the present. Similarly, what satisfies you today, should no longer be enough tomorrow. Do your best to achieve more every day.

  3. Recognize the emotions that cloud your judgment and compel you to perform a wrongful action.
    Whenever you feel an overflow of powerful emotions, hit “pause.” How do you feel? Sad? Angry? Fearful? Learn to recognize the feeling before you move on to discover its source.

  4. Replace these emotions with a suitable action.
    Once you’ve recognized the overwhelming emotion, perform an action that will dominate the emotion. Such actions may include physical activity, meditation, conversation, etc. For instance, if you feel depressed—sing. If you feel sad—laugh. You can decide for yourself how you want to conquer your emotions and regain control over them.

  5. Be understanding towards people who cannot control their emotions.
    Every person will not have your capability to master their emotions and use actions to be in control of their disposition. Try to recognize this weakness in others, and do not get offended because they have not mastered this skill.


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