Become the fastest you can


  1. Walk the fastest you can for 15 minutes. 
    Walk seven and a half minutes forward and the same number of minutes back from where you started. Do this three times a week.
  2. Follow the “getting stronger protocol” three times a week.
     - Dynamic stretch 
    Over-and-under 6–7 reps, no more than five minutes before each session. Avoid static stretch.
     - Bench press or push 
    Bench press: 2–3 sets at 95% 1RM, followed by one set of 5, 85% 1RM, or 10–12 repetitions of push-up.
     - Deadlift 
    Lift to the knees, then lower. Lowering is fine if you are not practicing high-speed running. After each round of deadlifts, perform one minute of plyometrics: box jumps of varying heights, jumping rope, or a few short, rapid 10-meter sprints. Two to four 10–15-meter sprints are the first option.
     - Core exercise
    3–5 sets of 3–5 repetitions of the Torture Twist with 30 seconds rest between sets. 
  3. Practice speed like Barry's athletes. 
    Run until you cannot finish the distance for a specific running time or cannot complete ten repetitions in a predefined total time.


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