Become the craftsman in five steps.

By following these five steps you will be closer to building a mindset that will help you love the work you do because you will be great at it.


  1. Decide what capital market you’re in.
    Think about whether you belong to the winner-takes-all or the auction capital market.

  2. Identify your capital type.
    If you’ve decided on the auction capital market, think about which skills to develop.

  3. Define “good”.
    Think about the line of work you’re in and what would be considered to be “good” work.

  4. Stretch and destroy.
    Engage in deliberate practice. When you feel that you’ve mastered a new skill, move on to something more difficult. This likely means going outside of your comfort zone.

  5. Be patient.
    Keep in mind that any type of self-improvement takes time. Set reasonable goals every day, and try not to be anxious about the work that you need to do.


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