Become the best.

When you perfect your skills and begin acquiring them before they are needed, you put yourself ahead of the curve. This makes you more valuable.

Having a better work schedule means you can maximize your efficiency and productivity, making you a valuable asset to your company.


  1. Identify the skills you already have.
    What do you already do that helps you perform well at work? Identify the top three skills you have and write them down.

  2. Identify your best skill.
    Out of those three skills, which helps you the most? Write that down on a separate piece of paper and set it as a goal. Begin practicing it to perfection.

  3. Identify what skills and knowledge you will need in five years.
    Begin acquiring them now!

  4. Create a better work schedule.
    Start your workday earlier and end it later. Spend your time at work honing and perfecting your skills. Work hard and build a good reputation for yourself within your company. Move fast when you are given an opportunity.

  5. Dress to impress
    Dress professionally and dress well.


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