Become more productive with the time blocking strategy.

The time blocking strategy will help you ensure you spend a sufficient amount of time on the tasks that will help you achieve your goal, thereby improving your productivity.


  1. Go to your calendar and block out time to relax and unwind.
    Resting is as important as working—you need to be well rested and relaxed to be productive.

  2. Go to your calendar and block out time for your One Thing that will help you achieve your goal.
    Block off all the time you need for the activities you need to do to accomplish your next goal. If it is a one-time activity, block off the appropriate hours and days. If it is a regular activity, block off the appropriate time every day. It’s best to block off time early in the day for this, and aim to block at least four hours a day. All your other tasks must wait until you have completed this task/activity.

  3. Go to your calendar and block out your planning time.
    This refers to the time you spend thinking about where you are and where you want to go. Block out an hour each week to review your annual and monthly goals, and block out some time late in the year to assess how close you are to achieving your yearly and longer-term goals.

  4. Don’t double-book your blocked off time.
    Remember, your blocked off time can’t be moved to a later date. Combat distractions by working in an isolated area, storing up supplies, turning your phone off, and letting those around you know the times at which you will be unavailable.


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