Become aware of the type of effects your own mind and the company you keep have on your long-term goals.

Your goals are about you so do not let confirmation bias or bad relationships ruin your success.


  1. Find out what actually works for your own long-term goals
    Try to avoid confirmation bias and think carefully about what you want to achieve, what is helping you achieve it, and what isn’t.

  2. Do not let an insecure partner hinder your growth.
    Lifestyle changes of one partner can lead to problems in the relationship. If you have invested a lot in your relationship, it might be difficult to accept that it is not serving you anymore. If your spouse tries to sabotage your attempts at getting a healthier life, ask yourself if they are really the right person to be with.

  3. Become aware how the company you keep affects your habits
    Your friends and family might lead you to unhealthy habits because the more we do something together, the more acceptable it starts to feel.


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